In this Infographics by Hanif Sipai, you will get the understanding of all terms used in the course of Digital marketing

Digital marketing A-Z Definition of terms

SEO, SEM, CMS, PPC, CPM…. Many industries have their own language, but the marketing world takes the acronyms and buzzwords to a new level. For the uninitiated, understanding and communicating with marketers can be confusing, to say the least. To help you out, we put together this infographic with a list of common digital marketing terms, from anchor text to vanity metrics.

“Make sure the LP CTA on that evergreen listicle is above the fold, and keep an eye on the CTRs.”

“OK. Did you split test that CTA?”

Online marketers have their own language, and for the uninitiated, it can sound like a secret code. Whether you’re an online marketer yourself or just need to communicate with one, use this reference guide to quickly unscramble all the acronyms and jargons.

Some key highlights:

<< #ContentMarketing : >>

Content Curation: Sifts through online content and handpicks high-quality itens if interest to target audience.

Thought leaders: Trusted, go-to experts in their field.

<< #SocialMediaMarketing : >>

Vanity Metric: Stats that don;t necessarily correlate to numbers that matter: downloads, page views, likes/retweets vs. important metrics: active users, revenue, profits.

Shareable: Content’s potential to be shared by viewers or go viral.

SEO, Email, Advertising, Social Media: A-Z Glossary Of Internet Marketing Terms – Infographic above shows all we need to know



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